A group of volunteers maintaining
a 160+ year old tradition.


2018 Executive:


President  Mark Nicholls

Vice President Nicki Teeter

2nd Vice President  Andrew Riddell

Secretary  Kimberley Stacey (519-278-1615)

Treasurer  Derek Williams


Upcoming Events:

May 26, 2018

4th Annual Community
Garage Sale

8:00am - 1:00pm | Dundalk Fairgrounds
(inside quonset hut)

Donate gently used items for us to sell OR set up your own table to sell your items. Please contact our Secretary for more info.


May 26, 2018

Sign & Wine Night

7:00pm | Dundalk Fairgrounds
(inside quonset hut)

Bring your friends for a fun sign and wine night with Whisky & Wine Rustic Design Co. Contact Jess for more info (226-923-0247) or message us on Facebook.

Sat June 16, 2018

Daddy Daughter Dance

6:00 - 9:00pm | Dundalk MacIntyre Building

Tickets: $25 Dad & Daughter; $10 additional guests

Join us for an enchanted evening to make memories with your special little princess(es) - dressy attire is encouraged! Fun photo booth, music and dancing, daddy/daughter activities, light snacks and refreshments, etc.

All ages welcome. Limited tickets available.
Call Jess for tickets (226-923-0247) or message us on Facebook.

Photo booth by Jackson Sister's Photography, Dundalk.


Ted Acheson
Carla Beatty
Brian Betts
Jess Cook
Corryn Jackson
Jenni Jackson
Ed Meulendyk
Donna Nicholls
Mark Nicholls

Audrey Rayfield
Andrea Riddell
Andrew Riddell
Brett Sherson
Kevin Sherson
Cindy Teeter
Nicki Teeter
Doug Welch
Lorena Wilson




Friends of the Fair:


Frances Acheson
Sarah Acheson
Mary Acsai
Donna Aldcorn
Betty Barlow
Norm Barlow
Crystal Betts
Tom Beatty
Andrew Black
Don Black
Jean Black
Debbie Black Smith
Shelley Black
Susan Black
Mary Elizabeth Bond
Heather Caughill
Scott Caughill
Blaine Clarke
Marilyn Clarke
Jo-Ann Colgan
Nora Cove
Bob Crawford
Dorothy De Jong
Patti Dillman
Sandra Doney
Erma Fell
Mary Fowler
Betty Francis
Mary Lou Fraser
Jean French
Denise Furlong
Ian Furlong
Ken Furlong
Susie Furlong

Ann Gillies
Bob Gillies
Muriel Gillies
Dorothy Goheen
Bessie Green
Elaine Green
Jeff Green
Ron Green
Keith Hannon
Mark Hannon
Don Hargrave
Laura Hargrave
Ken Harrison
Sue Irwin
Don Jack
Velda Jack
Evelyn Jack
Margrit Jakobs
Fran Jansen
Don Johnson
Jacki Johnston
Tina Jolicoer
Steve Karsch
Cheri Knott
Judy Lee
Beth Lindhorst
Islay Livingston
John Lougheed
Shirley Love
Arleen Mason
Bob Mason
Bruce Mason
Norma Mason
Eileen McCallum
Mark McCannell

Helen McDonald
Anne McNalty
Gerry McNalty
Tamarisk McNalty
Kerry Meulendyk
Gayle Milliner
Jim Milliner
Wilma Milliner
Helen Murphy
Margo Newell
Rob O'Neill
Rita O'Neill
Dale Pallister
Helen Pallister
Lynda Pallister
Jackie Pennings
Jan Powell
Edith Preston
Grant Preston
Jack Richardson
Robert Scott
Kevin Sherson
Mike Sherson
Nancy Snider
Tammy Stevenson
Bessie Tesseris
Heather Terpstra
Crystal Trudgeon
Diane Trudgeon
Jesse Tymcio
Vic VanAlstine
Pam Voss
Debbie Walker
Sherry Wilding
Alan Wilson
Colleen Wood


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Our amazing team of volunteers works very hard to engage our community in events for the entire family. If you would like to join us and volunteer at one of our events, let us know!

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